Working as a Portland food photographer is a dream come true for many reasons, one of my favorite being the opportunity to collaborate with friends.

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A quartet of freshly squeezed juice.

Working As A Portland Food Photographer

Part of my job as a Portland Food Photographer is probably just what you would imagine; I take lots of pictures of food!

But there are countless other tasks that are crucial in delivering the perfectly curated images to my clients. As mentioned above, one of the best parts of my job (aside fro all the delicious food) is getting to network with other creatives.

When my longtime friend Nate opened his first business and reached out to have me shoot their menu, I jumped at the opportunity.

In the last year I’ve worked with a few allergy friendly brands, a Colorado alternative coffee company, and a large supermarket chain.

That said, my gigs as a PNW and local Portland Food Photographer always stand out the most to me. Especially when the business is owned by a close friend!

So without further ado, let’s jump into my Stellar Juices shoot!

Two loaded smoothie bowls from Stellar Juices.

About the Project

One of my goals for the new year was to share more about my client work here on the blog. If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ve probably seen shots here and there from my project with Stellar Juices.

Nate came to me with hopes of getting shots of the entire menu and some individual ingredients.

I showed up at his restaurant with all my photography equipment, backdrops, and props.

Their head chef got to work making their menu items while I set up my studio by a window in their shop.

The menu at Stellar Juices.

About Stellar Juices

Before I share some of my favorites shots from our shoot, I wanted to share a bit about what makes Stellar Juices so special.

As a Portland Food Photographer, I’ve worked with many brands serving unique dietary needs, but this was my first time working with an entirely plant based restaurant.

Their menu was so colorful with a variety of wellness shots, smoothies, and freshly squeezed juicces. all made without fillers, powders, or ice. Only real, organic, healthy ingredients.

Check out some of my favorite menu items in the shots below and be sure to stop by Stellar Juices if you’re ever in downtown Olympia, Washington!

Portfolio image from stellar juices restaurant shoot.
Wellness shots at Stellar Juices.
Supplements at Stellar Juices.
Wellness shots at Stellar Juices.

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