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Living gluten free can be affordable, easy and delicious. Scroll for some of the most popular gluten free recipes from the blog archives.

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A Quick Backstory

I wasn’t always allergic to wheat.

I grew up in a Moroccan household where bread literally took the place of utensils. Most Moroccan cuisine is eaten with bread to scoop up all of the amazing sauces. On the rare occasion that my parents ordered food out, we always got pizza from a local pizzeria downtown. 

I found out about my wheat allergy in October of 2017 after drinking one too many (wheat) beers at a music festival. Because no, beer is not gluten free. Towards the end of the show, I started to notice my throat closing and little hives popping up all over my body.

Long story short, the results from my allergy testing informed me about higher level allergies to wheat and a number of other foods. As someone who went 24 years of my life eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, moving to now having multiple restrictions in my diet, I had to make some serious changes in my lifestyle. 

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Favorite Gluten Free Products

Finding a few high quality products that will, when necessary, make a seamless substitute for gluten is really important. Over the years I have developed a list of go-to gluten-free pastas, flours and bakeries for those moments when I just need carbs.

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