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My History with Gluten Free Eating

I haven’t always lived gluten free. I grew up in a Moroccan household where bread literally took the place of utensils. Most Moroccan cuisine is eaten with bread to scoop up all of the amazing sauces. On the rare occasion that my parents ordered food out, we always got pizza from a local pizzeria downtown. 

I found out about my wheat allergy in October of 2017 after drinking one too many (wheat) beers at a music festival. Because no, beer is not gluten free. Towards the end of the show, I started to notice my throat closing and little hives popping up all over my body. My boyfriend, Steve, had to call an uber, race me home and then call an ambulance. After a night in the hospital and a $17,000 bill I came to the realization that this was the third time in one year that I went into anaphylactic shock due to my food allergies. 

Allergy Testing

An allergy specialist had my blood tested and determined all 14 of my different allergies and their levels of severity for me. Although I struggled with minor allergies and hives off and on as a kid, this was different. It was time to take my allergies seriously.

It has been a journey of ups and downs since then. I quickly realized that all of my favorite foods are definitely not gluten free. Fried things, breaded things, gravy. Basically, most of the best foods in life have gluten in them. So it wasn’t easy at first. It took months to gain confidence in the kitchen again. Not to mention this all happened right as I was starting my business as a private chef!

It’s been almost a year now and a few key things have made the transition into a gluten-free lifestyle much easier.

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Moving Forward with a Gluten Free Life

First of all, my partner Steve has been so supportive in every way. It’s really important to have people on your team who understand your allergies and will support you. While you can absolutely live gluten free as an individual, it was so much help having someone who cared enough to read labels. Someone to remind me to bring my Epi-pen and Benedryl to every outing. Someone who asks questions for me. Talks me through my irrational anger about not being able to eat a pizza. Bless him for his patience. 

That said, it doesn’t need to be a significant other. It can be a parent, sibling or even a good friend. Find someone who cares about your well being and share your struggle with them! They will be a life saver on the tougher days.

Location & Community Matters

Secondly, living in a city like Portland where there are a lot of options for people with food sensitivities (specifically vegan and gluten free eaters) made a big difference. Servers at bars and restaurants don’t always give me an annoyed look when I ask what the chicken strips are breaded in. If you don’t live in a gluten free friendly city, make yourself familiar with a community of like minded food bloggers. Accept the challenge and teach yourself how to make all your favorite recipes, gluten free and from scratch! 

Favorite Gluten Free Products

Finally, finding a few high quality products that will, when necessary, make a seamless substitute for gluten (shout out to Bob’s Red Mill). I now have a list of go-to gluten-free pastas, flours and bakeries for those moments when I just need carbs. If you need some suggestions, please comment below what you’re looking for and I’d be happy to help!

It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve learned to enjoy living gluten free. I’m actually really looking forward to my hive and bloat free future. Not to mention the ever-growing list of gluten free baked goods I want to experiment with! 

Check out all of the GF archives here

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