Salima’s Kitchen Gallery

This gallery is a collection of my favorite photo shoots. I started taking pictures of my cooking winter of 2015 and shared my photography through an Instagram page titled “PortlandKitchen”. I had just moved to Portland, had a new iPhone 6 and was trying to learn as many skills in the kitchen as possible. It only seemed logical to share that amazing, frustrating and usually delicious experience.

2015 and Beyond

Since then I have “rebranded” (my new Instagram name isĀ SalimasKitchen, very original, I know) and have shared over 1,400 pictures. It’s a lot of fun looking back on the past couple years and creating a gallery reflecting my most well lit, carefully accessorized and styled food shoots. I have learned a lot about taking pictures and food styling but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t some of those 1,400 photos that make me cringe. I love them all though because they tell a story and each shoot teaches me something valuable.

For recipes for the dishes featured above click here!