Spicy Beef Lettuce Wraps

Lately I have been really into lettuce wraps. Don’t judge the lettuce – these are damn good and take 15 minutes to make. The ground beef in these wraps is perfectly seasoned with moroccan inspired spices while the avocado adds a creamy bite that compliments the crunch of the lettuce. Weeknight dinner perfection. Read more

Thai Larb Chicken

I recently tried this dish at a Thai restaurant in Olympia, WA and fell in love with the spicy lemon flavor. One of my best friends has worked at a Thai restaurant and has a lot of experience as a chef so I asked him to teach me to make it. This photo is of the dish we made and he styled!

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Kitchen Sink Salad

Kitchen sink salads are my favorite because you don’t need to go shopping to make them! Just grab what you have in your fridge and make do. You could throw any protein, fresh fruits or veggies you have or even leave out the eggs and replace the chicken with black beans to make it vegan. Have fun with this variation on a chopped salad with a random but always delicious honey mustard dressing.

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