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Living an allergy friendly lifestyle can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right recipes and information it can be safe, easy and full of flavor!

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Let’s Get More Specific

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What is Allergy Friendly?

Initially, learning to cook with so many different food allergies was a struggle. The first few months after learning about my allergies I wanted to cry every time I went grocery shopping. Seriously, once you start reading the ingredients on food labels there is no going back; soy and gluten are in almost all processed foods.

That’s why I call my cooking Allergy Friendly. This lifestyle can definitely be a pain in the butt but because of my allergies I am a more educated, versatile and flexible chef. If you have food allergies, I’m sure you can relate.

That’s why every recipe in this blog is free from one or more of the top 8 most common food allergens.

Top 8 Most Common Allergens

Throughout my website, you will notice I frequently mention the top 8 most common food allergens. When I first started this blog, I thought my only serious allergy was to cats. Fast forward 3 years and suddenly, I had 14. Cooking with that many allergies was a huge challenge at first. And while I continued to build my blog, I started noticing that it made no sense to hide my allergies from the world. I decided to let this challenge help me to connect with other food lovers struggling with allergies. I decided to shift my blog towards an allergy friendly focus.

While this sounded cute and fun at first, it quickly became an overwhelming task. There are so many different kinds of food allergies to focus on and some of mine (like sesame and walnuts) are so specific and might not be helpful for a majority of people. That’s what lead me to researching the most common food allergies in the United States. It turns out there are 8: wheat, tree nuts, soy, eggs, shellfish, milk, fish and peanuts.

Click here to learn more about the stats on food allergies in the United States.

I have 4/8 of them (soy, wheat, tree nuts and peanuts). I also try to implement plant based meals into my weekly cooking which excludes the remaining 4/8. You will notice that all of the recipes in this blog are free of at least one of those top 8 most common allergens. Some will be free of all 8! This is what allergy friendly cooking means to me. Finding recipes with approachable and clearly labeled ingredients for people living and cooking with food allergies.

Recipe Allergen Tags

Look for these allergen tags before any recipe to see which allergens won’t be used. OR click on the tags below to find more recipes in each category!

Wheat Free Tree Nut Free Soy Free Egg Free

Shellfish Free Milk & Dairy Free Fish Free Allergy Friendly Peanut Free

My allergies are: wheat, soy, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame, cats, dogs and a bunch of different types of grasses and trees that are native here in Oregon where I live.

If you have a story you want to share about living allergy friendly or a question please comment below!

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