My Favorite Allergy Friendly Blogs

My favorite allergy friendly food blogs use simple, high quality ingredients that make it easy to substitute any ingredients you might have allergies to.

Allergy Friendly Blogs

Cooking with Allergies Can be Hard.

I’ll be honest, even though it gets easier with experience, cooking with food allergies is hard.

Especially when you’re allergic to something as commonly used as gluten, dairy, eggs, or soy. You quickly realize how many processed foods, restaurant menus, and family potlucks are suddenly “off limits”.

I remember learning about my food allergies and frantically scoring the internet for “Best Allergy Friendly Food Blogs” and “Top Gluten Free and Soy Free Blogs”. Those searches did result in me finding a few gems, but since then I’ve learned a valuable lesson about cooking with food allergies:

It’s not about the recipe, grocery store, or even about the restaurant; it’s about you.

Take this fried chicken sandwich (pictured above) for example; a year ago, I would have thought it impossible for me to eat something like that. Now I know exactly which ingredients to use to substitute the wheat, soy and sesame to make this recipe perfect for me.

When you live and cook with multiple food allergies, you realize that there are only a select few people in the world who have to read labels and protect themselves the way that you do. Not to say that you’re alone, but you will continue on this journey of understanding the way your body works on your own. You know yourself best and that can be both terrifying and beautiful.

Eventually, you will become an expert in modifying recipes because your life depends on it. You will find the people and blogs who inspire you to keep cooking despite your challenging relationship with food.

Best Allergy Friendly Blogs

What “Allergy Friendly” Means to Me

Queue some of my all time, favorite allergy friendly food blogs. You will notice that not all of these are “allergy friendly” or even “gluten free”. This is on purpose. I believe in balance. Why expect my favorite foodies to cut out something their body has no problem with? Gluten is delicious, after all. Just not worth swelling up like a balloon.

What all of these beautiful blogs do have in common, is a love for story telling and real, unprocessed, seasonal food. Food that feeds not only the soul, but the rest of our bodies too! Delicious, nutritious, and educational.

I find that the best allergy friendly food blogs use simple, high quality ingredients that make it easy to substitute any ingredients you might have allergies to. 

Scroll for a quick guide of easy substitutions for some of the most popular ingredients or check out my blog post all about substitutes for gluten here.

Best Allergy Friendly Blogs

My Favorite Allergy Friendly Food Blogs:

  1. Food Allergy P.I. – Not only is this name so clever, this lady knows what she is doing! All of her recipes have clear, easy to find allergen tags (kind of like my site, but visible from the homepage – so cool) that make it easy for readers to see if the recipe needs adapting at a glance!
  2. Cosette’s Kitchen – I feel so honored to be able to say this blogger is a real life friend (not just online)! This beauty lives here in Portland with her husband and three children and is so talented. She specializes in Lebanese cuisine and epic cake baking. Cosette’s children have a few different allergies so she is mindful about the ingredients she uses and is so supportive to anyone reaching out about her recipes.
  3. Chez LaRae – Ok, here I am, again, humbled to know such amazing people! The #canbassador for @thefeedfeed (no big deal), cookie expert, and all around ray of sunshine, her blog represents her in the best way.
  4. Want a real life victory story about a person with a million food allergies? No Nuts 4 Me does an extremely candid job detailing her experience working through TIP to build a tolerance for all of her food allergies. Her story gives me hope!
  5. Pinch of Yum – This blog probably needs no introduction at this point. I’ve been following Lindsay and Bjork at Pinch of Yum for 3+ years now and have been obsessed throughout their journey to the top. Their network of bloggers do a great job of providing recipes that cater to a variety of different eaters; gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, you name it.

So there you have it, my favorite allergy friendly food blogs!

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Quick Substitutes

And finally, as promised, a short list of some of my favorite substitutes for kitchen staples I’m allergic to. Comment below if you like this section and I can do an entire blog post of substitutes!

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Best Allergy Friendly Blogs

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