Unpaid, Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise (The Unofficial Bachelor Tanning Spray)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from countless hours wasted watching The Bachelor, it’s that those girls really know how to perfect a fake tan. So I gave in and tried the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water this seasons’ contestants keep shamelessly plugging, and I’m here to share my unbiased opinion with you.

Now, I’m not usually a fake tan kinda gal, but when not 1, not 2, but 3 contestants (I’m looking at you Demi, Caelynn, and Cassie) from this season are swearing by a product that isn’t *sponsored*, it might actually be worth a try.

Disclaimer: Isle of Paradise doesn’t know me, pay me, or send me free stuff. I bought this with my own money. That is all.

Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise

In Search of the Perfect Wedding Tan

To give this beauty experiment some context in my very food focused/not so glamorous life, I have been pondering the idea of getting a fake tan for my wedding for most of the year.

You see, as mentioned before, I’m not usually a person who fake tans; I am much more more of a person who goes on a walk in a tank top and is stuck with horrible tan lines for the rest of the year. So, in planning for my thinly strapped wedding dress, a fake tan seems necessary.

Applying Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water

This 200ml bottle of the “Light” Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water cost me $28. I also bought a $7 applicator mitt (from another brand) to go with it because I read that they are crucial in self-tanning and I’m trying to get this right (can you tell?)!

Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise

Step 1:

Before applying this stuff, you have to exfoliate your entire body (or wherever you’re planning on tanning). For me, this meant using one of those black sand paper like loofas in the shower. Per usual, I felt equal parts pain and pampered when exfoliating (sensitive skin issues are the most fun).

This next step is optional, but after exfoliating, I made sure to put some lotion on any dry areas of my skin (elbows, kneecaps, etc.).

Here is a before shot of my skin after showering and exfoliating:

Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise

Step 2:

Spray the stuff everywhere (except your face).

I made the mistake of ordering the mist and assuming it would work on my face and body, but this product is strictly for the body (they have a separate product made to mix in with your moisturizer and use on your face).

Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise

You cannot say anything about my toenails that I haven’t already said to myself ~ it’s bad you guys, I know. I may or may not paint them. Probs not though. 

During this step, try your best to get an even layer on your entire body. This can be hard because this concoction is completely transparent (unlike most tanning sprays/lotions).

What helped me here was focusing on one section of my body at a time; I started with my right arm, sprayed, blended with the applicator mitt, and then moved on to my left arm, repeated the process, then on to my right leg, and so on.

The most challenging parts of my body seemed to be the back, the backs of my legs, and butt. For my wedding tan, I will definitely be recruiting a friend to help me blend in those trouble areas.

Step 3: 

Wash your palms. Please don’t forget this step; tanned palms are a dead giveaway to your tan being faker than the grass on a turf field.

Here’s a shot of my *tan* after leaving on for 4+ hours and showering.

Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise

End Results

I watched, I bought, I tanned. And now for my unpaid, unbiased opinion.

My first take away from this review is that self tanning is hard work. And while this particular form of beauty doesn’t require any pain, it does require time and effort.

If you want your tan to look natural, you will need to take the time to make sure you’ve exfoliated, moisturized, evenly distributed the spray and (don’t forget!) washed your palms. It’s not the easiest thing you will ever do, but the result is a pretty decent tan.

The Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Spray also gets points for having an ok, not overly chemical smell, and for being transparent. As mentioned before, I’m not an experienced self-tanner, but I have read about other brands staining sheets and couches with their brown color.

All in all, I’m definitely keeping the bottle, and using it to tame any additional tank top tans that might come my way before the big day. 

Have you tried Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water? What was your experience?

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Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise


Unbiased Review of Isle of Paradise


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