Grilled Salmon

Growing up in the Pacific North West I have always been spoiled with high quality seafood. I remember going on field trips as a elementary schooler to watch the salmon travel upstream. This recipe celebrates fresh caught wild salmon with only 5 simple ingredients that highlight the quality of the fish.


2 fillets wild copper river salmon

1 lemon

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

2 wood planks 


Directions: Soak wood planks for at least 2 hours before prepping salmon. Remove planks from water and lay fillets on planks. Drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper and top with lemons. Grill for 20-25 minutes on the BBQ 😋 Enjoy with a fresh salad and grilled veggies!


Author: Salima's Kitchen

Salima Benkhalti is a personal chef in Portland, Oregon. Contact with inquiries about private events, meal plans or taking cooking classes at !

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